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I use secureCRT. Another good one is called putty. You can use the windows default telnet program but last time I used it, it left a pretty bad impression on me in terms of ease of use.

Telnet program (client) examples:

I use secureFX. For the purposes of this class, I would recommend using standard explorer-based FTP. For using standard explorer-based FTP, simply type in your IE address window.

FTP program (client) examples:

Resources for Project 1:

 Get the sample file here

 NOTE: There are two modes of transfer you can use when you use ftp to move files between two computers (your windows machine to the suraj server, for example). These two modes are ASCII and binary. Please choose the ASCII mode to transfer this sample file from Windows to Solaris (suraj server).

Sample Data File for Exercise 3:

Resources for Project 3:

Resources for Project 4:

Resources for Exercise 4:

 Notes on Exception Handling (Warning: 5+MB file)

 Further notes on exception handling (look for handout 32 there!)

Notes on Exception Handling: