Topics in Internet Research

CS678/CMPE678 : Spring 2012-2013


Welcome to CS678. This course will provide a broad overview of computer networking research. We will survey some classical research works as well as explore state of the art in select networking technologies, protocols, and algorithms.

We will read papers on a few hot research areas in computer networking. Each reading will fall into one of three different categories: classic papers, tutorial papers, and recent results. There may also be some supplemental readings.

Students will be required to write paper summaries and participate in class discussions. Students will be expected to meet for research and brainstorming sessions and make presentations on assigned papers. A major aspect of the course is a semester long research project.

Students are expected to attend ALL lectures. At most one lecture can be missed for valid reasons.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the course contents and this website, please feel free to let us know.