Topics in Internet Research

CS678/CMPE678 : Spring 2012-2013

Class Information


SSE Building 10-302
Tue/Thu 5:30pm -- 6:45pm


Zartash Afzal Uzmi
Room 9-319A
+92 42 35608202 (8202 from campus phone)
zartash AT lums DOT edu DOT pk
Hours: After Class or Wed 9:00am-10:00am or By appointment

Ihsan Ayub Qazi
Room 9-114A
+92 42 35608368 (8368 from campus phone)
ihsan.qazi AT lums DOT edu DOT pk
Hours: Tue, Thu 12:00pm-1:00pm or By appointment

Teaching Assistant:


Grading Policies:

Quizzes: 10%
Attendance and Class Participation: 10%
Paper Summaries and short (oral) Presentation: 10%
Long presentation(s): 5%
Project: 45%
Project - Biweekly Progress meetings: 10%
Project - Proposal: 5%
Project - Contributions/Report: 15%
Project - Completion/Presentation: 10%
Project - Consulting Report: 5%
Final Examination: 20%
Regrading can be requested within following time limits:
Quizzes and Final: 2days


Initial proposal (not necessarily written) will be expected before the third lecture (you must have talked to the instructors latest by Feb 7, 2013) whereas the final proposal will be expected on or before Feb 12, 2013 in the form of a 1-page written document. Students will also be expected to deliver a 10-min presentation on the proposal.

Paper Summaries (written):

A short written summary (maximum 1-page) of the paper assigned for a class lecture will be due by noon on the day the paper is assinged for. The summaries will be expected to cover the following aspects of a research paper: problem being addressed, main idea, contributions, key assumptions, critique, and possible improvements. The summaries can be submitted by email or in-person to the instructors.

Long Presentation(s):

Students will be expected to prepare and deliver long presentations (max 15min and max 7 slides) on the paper assigned for that class. One (or more) long presentation will be assigned to each student. It is expected that the presenters will be prepared to answer any related questions.

Short Presentations (Oral, at start of Class):

Students will be expected to describe a short summary of the assigned paper. Students will be chosen randomly for this purpose. These presentations can be made orally or on the board without using slides. Time limit for these presentations will be 2-5 mins. Collect your thoughts before coming to the class.

Class Participation:

Students will be expected to participate actively in the class in the form of questions, proposing ideas, criticizing the paper, etc. Grading of CP will also include on-time attendance as a component.

Consulting Reports:

Students will be expected to evaluate the work of other project groups during the course. The evaluation will be expected three times during the semester. Here are the timelines: