Downloads and Instructions:

The following is the list of deliverables for the project:


1. Technical report summarizing research output [download]

2. Project document and usage guidelines for simulators [download]

3. TOTEM simulator ( with the provision of Ethernet and GELS control plane simulation options under normal and single element failure scenarios [download]

4. STP Simulator developed in LUMS for evaluation of native Ethernet control plane under normal network conditions [download]

5. RSTP simulator ( “bridgesim” used for native Ethernet control plane under single element failure scenarios [download]

6. C/C++ programs to repeatedly launch bridgesim with various topologies and scenarios [download]

7. Unix shell scripts to calculate the convergence time for bridgesim simulations [download]

8. TOTEM XML topology files [download]

9. TOTEM XML traffic matrices [download]

10. C toolset for topology and traffic matrix generation [download]


A simulation study of GELS Architecture
A collaborative Project between Siemens, Germany and LUMS, Pakistan
February 2006—January 2007