All emails that have the [ ] tag in the subject (e.g. [University_Events]) are generated using our group management system at . Only users who have subscribed to groups on the system receive these emails. If you would like to stop receiving such mails please unsubscribe from the group(s) by following the instructions below:


1.       Click on the group that you want to unsubscribe from


2. Scroll down and enter your email address



3. Click on “unsubscribe”


4. You will see the following screen which shows that “The confirmation email has been sent”



5. Check your email; you should see an email similar to the one below, click on the link that looks

like the one circled below.



6. The following window will appear, click on the “Unsubscribe” button


7. You should see the following screen, followed by an email confirming your removal.



Thank you