Zartash Afzal Uzmi
Associate Professor, CS/EE
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
D.H.A., Lahore, 54792 Pakistan
Phone: +92 35608202
Fax: +92 42 5898315
Email: myfirstname AT lums DOT


I have advised graduate students primarily in the following areas: protection routing in MPLS, sensor networks, multi-hop relays in cellular networks, and IP prefix aggregation. I have also advised a number of undergraduate students for their senior year projects. Some of the undergraduates have also worked on research problems with me, helping me generate results for subsequent publications.

Students who work with me are generally considered to be part of the Networks and Communications Lab (NC-lab) at LUMS. For any possible openings in the NC-lab, please send me email, after making sure that your interests roughly match my interests.

NC-Lab Students

(roughly in reverse chronological order)

Qasim Maqbool (pursuing M.S. thesis)
Shahida Jabeen (pursuing M.S. thesis)
Ahsan Tariq (pursuing M.S. thesis)
Saad Nadeem (Research Assistant)
Zafar Ayub Qazi (Ph.D. student at Stony Brook)
Ibaad ur Rehman (at UET, Lahore)
Muhammad Saqib Ilyas (pursuing Ph.D. at LUMS)
Ahsan Abbas Ali (at UET, Lahore)
Sana Sohail (finished M.S. thesis)
Akeel ur Rehman Faridee (finished M.S.)
Atif Nazir (pursuing Ph.D. at UC, Davis)
Bushra Anjum (pursuing Ph.D. at NCSU)
Fawaz Saleem Bokhari (pursuing Ph.D. at UT, Arlington)
Raheel Ali Baloch (finished summer internship)
Fahad Rafique Dogar (pursuing Ph.D. at CMU)
Syed Shah Irfan Hussain (at UET, Lahore)
Abdul Wadood (finished M.S. project)
Wajahat Mateen (working at NCR Teradata)
Saqib Raza (pursuing Ph.D. at UC, Davis)
Muneeb Ali (pursuing Ph.D. at Princeton)
Zahid Irfan (working at GIK Institute)
Aimal Tariq Rextin
Tashfeen Suleman (working at Microsoft)
Faisal Aslam (pursuing Ph.D. at Freiburg University)

I am writing this from memory which usually degrades with time. If you did work with me and your name is not in the list above, there is no reason other than an aging memory. Send me a short note and I will add your name!