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Radiology* (MS and PhD Students)

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Calculus (Undergraduate) F08, W09, F09, S09, S10, F10, F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F18

Calculus with Theory (Undergraduate) F10, S11, F11, S12

Differential Equations (Undergraduate) S07, F11, F13

Probability (Undergraduate) F08, S14

Linear Algebra (Undergraduate) S12, F12, S15

Mathematical Methods for Physicists (Undergraduate) S10

Dynamical Systems Theory with Applications (Graduate/Undergraduate) W09, S11, F14, F15, S18

Mathematical Modeling with Applications (Graduate/Undergraduate) S08, W09

Mathematical Biology (Graduate/Undergraduate) - S10, S12

Methods of Applied Mathematics (Graduate) F09, F18

Applied Stochastic Processes (Graduate/Undergraduate) F11, S13, S14, S15, S16

Quantitative Finance (Graduate/Undergraduate) F12, F14





Quantitative Finance for Engineers and Scientists

CASM Workshop, LUMS, Dec 2018


Dosing in Radiation Therapy

International Conference on Mathematics & its Applications, GCU, Lahore, Nov 2018


Optimal Dosing Strategies in Radiotherapy

12th AIMS Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 4-9 July 2018


Modeling the Transmission of Congo Virus Fever

X SOLABIMA, Cusco, Peru, August 7-11 2017


Transmission and Control of Multi-Strain Influenza

SMB Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, July 17- 20 2017


Financial Mathematics: Teaching the Teachers

CASM Workshop, LUMS, Dec 2016


Antibiotic Dosing Strategies for Resistant Bacteria

AIMS Conference, Orlando FL, July 1- July 5 2016


Modeling the Transmission Dynamics Of Ebola Virus Disease: Modeling And Analysis Of The 2014 Outbreak In West Africa

SMB Conference, Atlanta GA, July 30- August 3 2015


Optimal Control in Epidemiology: How we won against the Zombies?

Mathematical and Statistical Models in Economics, Finance and Applied Sciences, LSE, Lahore, Feb 6-7 2015


Optimally Controlling Epidemics: Lessons from the Zombie Apocalypse

Optimal Decision-Making in Economy, Healthcare, and sustainable Ecosystems, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, Dec 10-11 2014


Comparison of a Deterministic and Stochastic Model for the Transmission Dynamics of Influenza

SIAM Conference on Life Sciences, Charlotte NC, USA, August 2014


A Model for Transmission Dynamics and Control of Hep C

10th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations, Madrid, Spain, July 2014


Analysis and Control in a Deterministic Model for Influenza

9th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 2014


Black Scholes and Beyond: Pricing Equity Derivatives

CASM Workshop, LUMS, May 2014


Of Zombies, Parasites and Mosquitoes: How Mathematical Models Can Help Control Epidemics

Punjab Mathematical Society Public Lecture, UET Lahore February 2014


Parameter Estimation for Markov Processes using Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Second National Conference on Space Science, ISPA, Karachi, October 2013


Who is Afraid of Black Scholes: A gentle Introduction to Mathematical Finance?

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru, July 2013


Workshop on Stochastic and Deterministic Epidemiological Models

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, July 2013


Estimating R_0 for Dengue Outbreak in Lahore

SMB Conference, Tempe, AZ, USA, June 2013


Periodic Homogenization Theory for a Two Scale Flow with Strong Mean Flow

First National Conference on Space Science, ISPA, Karachi, October 2012


Hedge with an Edge: An Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance

LUMS, Lahore, April 2012


An Invitation to Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics

SSE Faculty Seminar, LUMS, April 2012


Workshop on Stochastic Differential Equations and Statistical Inference for Markov Processes

LUMS, Lahore, January 2012


The Art and Science of Mathematical Modeling

Undergraduate Math Talk at University of Karachi, Karachi, February 2011


Summer Undergraduate Research Experience 2010

Lahore University if Management Sciences June-July 2010


Theory of Homogenization with Applications to Turbulent Transport

International Symposium on Frontiers in Computational Sciences, Islamabad, June 2010

Fractional Dimensions, Strange Attractors & Chaos
Popular Math Talk at LUMS-SPADES Psi Fi '10, Lahore, March 2010

Non Standard Homogenization Theory for Transport by a Strong Mean Flow and Periodic Fluctuations
Turbulent Mixing and Beyond Trieste, Italy 2009
(Video available at 16:30-17:00 27/7/09)

Parameterization of Water Dynamics Around a Solute using SDEs
Summer School and Workshop on Stochastic Differential Equation Models Middelfart Denmark 2008

Thesis (RPI May 2007) Parameterization for Some Multiscale Problems in Biology and Turbulence

Parameterization for solvent molecules around a solute
Midwest Quantitative Biology Conference, Michigan 2006

Turbulent Transport in the Presence of Periodic Fluctuations and Strong Mean Flow
Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics, NJIT 2005

Some Non Standard Multiple Scales Problems
SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Snowbird 2005



Academic Year


Project Title

Next Placement


Mohsin Ali



In progress

Asgher Ali


In Progress







Ayesha Ahmed (MS)

Monte Carlo Methods for Valuation of American Options

RA: Dept of Mathematics, LUMS

Mohsin Ali (MS)

Multi Strain Model for Transmission of Influenza and its Control

PhD Candidate: Dept of Mathematics, LUMS

Touqeer Shah (MS)

Modeling the Transmission Dynamics of the Congo Virus Fever

PhD Candidate: Dept of Mathematics, LUMS



Asgher Ali (MS)

A Study of Disease Based Extinction in an Amphibian Population with Allee Effect

PhD Candidate: Dept of Mathematics, LUMS





Academic Year


Project Title

Next Placement


Kinza Rizvi

Michelle Naeem

& Noor Rahman

Study of the Black Litterman Model

Batool Abbas

Computer Aided Analysis of RFLP Gel Images for an HCV Assay

MS Candidate: Polytechnic University of New York



Maneesh Kesani

Effectiveness of VaR as a measure of risk in South Asian Markets

MS Candidate University of Bologna, Italy


Muhammad Waleed

Analysis of a Model for Transmission of Influenza

PhD Candidate, University of Maine, USA

Beesham Lal

Parameter Estimation in SDEs using MCMC

MS Candidate Goethe University, Frankfurt












Mohammad Hassan

Stochastic and Deterministic Dynamics of some Epidemiological Models

MS Candidate: ETH Zurich




Hassan Rafique

Optimal Control Strategies for some Epidemiological Models

MS Candidate: Northern Illinois University

Romana Sohail


Pricing Options Under Stochastic Volatility

Actuarial Intern: Cigna USA

Saad Qadeer


Optimal Antibiotic Dosing in a Chemostat Setting

PhD Candidate: UC Berkeley

Sadeeqa Shahzad

Study of an Optimal Distribution Model

Research Assistant SDSB LUMS


Wafa Veljee


An Efficient Algorithm for Solving the Poisson Boltzmann Equation for Drug Like Molecules

MS Candidate: University of Alberta

Kanwal Rizvi


Modeling Recent Outbreaks of Dengue Fever in Pakistan


MS Candidate: Polytechnic University of New York

Hasin Yousuf

& Saad Shabbir


Exchange Rate Fluctuations in Pakistan


PhD Candidate: Carlos III University

MPhil Candidate (PIEAS)


Haroon Masood

A Stochastic Model for Dengue Fever

MS Candidate: Tilburg University

Laraib Malik


Finite Element Schemes for Valuation of Rainbow Options








Anoushe Sheharnaz Hassan


Numerical Methods for Pricing Rainbow Options


MS Student: University of Western Ontario


Haris Baig

& Faiza Khan

Computer Aided Analysis of RFLP Gel Images for an HCV Assay

PhD Student: Dartmouth College

MS Student: Stonybrook University




Muhammad Saqib Khan

Asymptotic Analysis of Non Linear Oscillators


PhD Student: Florida Atlantic University


Hira Manzoor


Computerized Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Test Diagnosis















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