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AVRiL, Automated Video Recording of Lectures, was our brain-"child" for about 10 months. Under the wing of Dr. Sohaib Khan, our group of 4: Yahya Cheema (YC); Tayyab Javed (TJ); Ozair Muazzam (Hosé); plus I, set out to work on this ambitious project, firstly as part of our Senior Year project, which later became our shot at the Microsoft Imagine Cup '07. The idea was to "auto-magically" record lectures to form digital-content closely mimicking a class-room experience. The solution aimed to cater not only to the lazy in dormitories, but also to the less privileged around the globe looking for engaging class-room experiences, and for programs like MIT OCW looking for ways to reduce the sky-rocketing costs in professionally recording lectures. The system could record from multiple cameras, by intelligently picking interesting views, judging from both visual and audible cues. And all the teacher had to do was to indicate the start and the end of the lecture, in order to make the lecture available on a campus network.

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Exec. Summary | Project Report (2.2 MB) | AVRiL IC Presentation (1.3 MB)

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