Introduction to Computing


CS 101


Autumn 2003


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Welcome all to cs 101. This is the introductory level course of computer science. Although you have been told about Disciplinary Committee (DC) but i would like to re-emphasize this point. Cheating and plagiarism is NOT allowed .If found guilty the students will be referred to the DC committee whose descision can vary from grade reduction to annulment from the program for a quater. Normally it has been observed the people plagiarise in the home work assignments so we will be specially strict in that area along quizes & other stuff.
Not to scare you but this is the first & the foremost rule you should keep in mind during your stay at lums.



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Section 1 & 4

Dr Muhammad A Maud



Section 2 & 3

Dr Salim Tariq


Section 5 & 7

 Dr Nadeem  Khan


Section 6 & 8

Dr  M.M Awais