CS 192
Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming Using C+

1 Introduction to computer programming and C++
Lecture 01

Overview of C++ and Basic Data Types (programming practices,variables, constants, operators, expressions etc.)

3 More Data types and Operators (Enumerations, bool,Bitwise Operators, ? operator, dynamic allocation)
4 Program Control Statements (if statement, for loop, switch statement, while loop, do-while loop, continue, break, nested loops)

Arrays and Strings (One dimensional arrays, strings, string library functions, two dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, array initialization, arrays of strings)

Lecture 10
6 Pointers (Pointer operators, pointer expressions, pointers and arrays, arrays of pointers, problems with pointers
Lecture 11
Lecture 12
7 Functions (Scope rules of functions, passing pointers and arrays, argc and argv, return statement, recursion)

References, Overloading and Default Arguments (Argument passing,function-overloading etc.)

9 Basic File I/O

Reusing code and classes

Lecture 19
Lecture 20
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