CS 192
Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming Using C+


Course Description
This first level programming course shall cover the principles and practice of problem solving using C++. Students shall be introduced to the basic C++ techniques such as program control statements, pointers, functions, structures and classes etc. The students shall gain hands-on experience through several programming assignments.

Course Status: Core course for Computer Science majors

Pre-requisites: None


  • Deital and Deital, 2001 C++ How to Program, Third Edition Prentice Hall.
  • Herbert Schildt, 2003 C++ from the Ground Up, 3rd Edition Osborne McGraw-Hill.


Quizzes (10): 20%
Eight Labs for 20%, marks breakup is as follows:

Attendance: 5%
Completion: 10%
Lab Final 5%

Midterm Exam 30%
Final Exam 30%

Lecture Schedule

  • Two weekly lectures of 75 minutes duration each
  • One weekly lab on Fridays
  • Attendance is not compulsory, punctuality is desired
  • One in-class midterm
  • Lab Final
  • Comprehensive Final examination
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