Computer Organization & Assembly Language

CS 223 / CMPE 221



Instructor: Dr Shahid Masud                                       


Year: 2003


Office No. & E-mail:  218,                                


Quarter: Summer


Office Hours:  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 1000-1100 hrs                               


Category: Junior       


Course Code:  CS223 / CMPE 221   


Course Description:

This course provides a thorough introduction to internal architecture and working of microprocessors. The use of microprocessors in digital systems and their working in conjunction with memory devices, interrupt controllers and other input/output devices are studied. Circuits for address decoding and memory mapping are described. The assembly language programming includes learning the instruction set, addressing modes, interrupts and other programming functions.

Course Status:

Core course for Computer Science and Computer Engineering major


CS 192 Problem Solving using C++

CS 221 Digital Logic



The goal of this course is to teach the architecture and working of microprocessors and their programming in Assembly language.


Text book:

1. Computer Organization and Architecture, William Stallings, 6th   


2. Assembly Language for Intel Based Computers, Kip Irvine, 4th Edition


Lectures and Examinations:

    Four weekly lectures of 80 minutes duration each

    One weekly laboratory of 150 minutes duration

    Attendance is not compulsory, punctuality is desired

One programming assignment

One in-class midterm

    Comprehensive final examination


TA for the course:

    Nazzzia Zaman

    Fahad Wajid


Grading Scheme*:

    Quizzes (4):                               16%

    Labs (8):                                  14%

    (4% Quiz, 4% Attend/Complete, 6% Lab Exam)

    Programming Assignment (1):                10%

    Midterm:                                   30%

    Final:                                     30%

Note: * There is a 48-hour limit on considering any complaints regarding grades in any evaluation. The complaint must be in writing describing the grounds to re-evaluation.

Module Titles:

    1. Computers and Microprocessors           0.5 week   

    2. System Buses                            0.5 week

    3. Internal and External Memories          0.5 weeks

    4. Microprocessor Inputs/Outputs           0.5 week                     

    5. Computer Arithmetic                     1 week

    6. Instruction Set                         1 week

    7. CPU Structure, Function and Control     1 week



Lecture No.

Course Topics



Introduction to microprocessors and computers Chap 2


Computer Function Chap 3


Bus Interconnections

Chap 3


Memory Hierarchy Chap 4


Cache Memory Chap 4


Cache Memory

Chap 4


Internal Memory Organization Chap 5
8. External Memory Organization Chap 6
9. Input/Output Chap 7
10. Interrupts Chap 7
11. DMA / IO Channels Chap 7

Midterm Examination

13. Computer Arithmetic Chap 9
14. Computer Arithmetic Chap 9
15. Addressing Modes Chap 11
16. CPU Structure and Functions Chap 12

CPU Structure and Functions, Pipelining

Chap 12
18. Control Unit Operation Chap 16
19. Microprogrammed Control Chap 17
20. Parallel Processing Chap 18