CS 292

Advanced Programming Techniques



Class Timings

Section 1: A 11, Tuesday & Thursday 08:15 to 09:55

Section 2: Sayeed Saigol, Tuesday & Thursday 14:55 to 16:45


January 11 2003

 Assignment 2 has been uploaded. Click on the Assignments tab on the left and then click on the Assignment 2 link to view it.

December 27 2002

As a pre-lab, solve the lab question for both session1 and session2. You'll be asked to add further functionality to it in your lab tomorrow. The code in the question given here has some small errors, remove them before you start work.

December 20 2002

For your first lab (on Saterday 21st december) read operator overloading. See pc numbers to find out the PCs that have been assigned to you.

29th November 2002

If you want to know more about the lab sessions that will be held every Saturday after eid, see What is a lab session?

29th November 2002

Those of you who emailed me your group partners have been assigned group numbers. Remember these numbers and write them on top of each document you submit. To view your group number see PROJECT GROUP NUMBERS

If you still don't have a group then email me your name and roll-number or see the list of students who still don't have a group given in PROJECT GROUP NUMBERS

26 November 2002

Please come to class on time. The instructor will not allow students who are late to enter.


26 November 2002

Sign up for the lab sessions as soon as possible. The sign up sheet is on the door of the CS TA room. For further information regarding labs see LAB SESSIONS.


26 November 2002

Decide your project group partners as soon as possible and email them at sadafs@ns.lums.edu.pk BEFORE eid break. See PROJECT for details

Discuss your project topics with the TAs before eid break. Project proposal is due on Friday 13th December 2002 from 15:00 to 17:00 in DR-9. See PROJECT for details


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