i m p o r t a n t                                  

a n n o u n c e m e n t s :

[20.01.2004] Assignment 3 has been uploaded. It is due on Monday, 26th January, 2004 at 9:00 am in folder \badar\Common\CS293\Assignment 3. NO LATE SUBMISSION WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE

[13.01.2004] The lab for this Friday, 16th January 2004 is mandatory. Please come prepared by reading the Java Swing components.


[06.01.2004] There will be no lab this Friday.

Assignment 2.2 has been extended till Friday 12 noon. Submit it at CS293/Assign2.2 in Common.

[02.01.2004] Assignment 2 has been uploaded.

[23.12.2003] 10% Deduction for submission of Assignment 1 by noon tomorrow!

[18.12.2003] Pre-lab for tomorrow's lab is Inheritance.

[02.12.2003] Attendance is mandatory in the first lab session (this Friday).