PROJECT DEADLINE: 6th May, 2002 11:59:59 pm.


In addition to the source code you will be generating (in MATLAB or any other language),you are to provide a two- to three-page write-up that explains the purpose of your project, and illustrates the various combinations of parameters that you have tried in finding the 'optimal' solution.

This includes:

1. Enabling your network to GENERALIZE;

2. Finding the OPTIMUM learning rate;

3. Finding the OPTIMUM # of hidden layers and the neurons therein;

4. Appropriate activation functions.

You are also required to provide the training set you use as well as a sample TEST set with which GENERALIZATION may be assessed.

WRITE-UP specs: 1.5-line-spaced, 12-font Times New Roman.

Happy working ! :)

Office Hours:

M.M. Awais Room 224 By Appointment
Farhad Nadeem Room 283 2:30 to 4:30 pm (Mon / Wed)


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