CS/CMPE 333 - Neural Networks

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General Information

Instructor: Dr. Asim Karim
E-mail: a karim at lums.edu.pk (remove the space)
Office hours: MW 2.30 to 4.30 PM
Office: Room 132
Phone ext: 2132

Class coordinates: MW 10.15-11.30 AM and F 9.45-10.35 AM in A-9.

TA: Farhad Nadeem


A survey of fundamental methods and techniques of the field of artificial neural networks; single-layer and multi-layer feedforward networks; supervised and unsupervised learning; self-organization; recurrent networks; applications to signal processing, pattern classification, and optimization problems. The exercises will be in MATLAB. For details, please see the course outline.



March 2
Welcome to CS/CMPE 333!

March 12
Lab 1 will be held on Monday at class time. Venue is Lab3. Solution to quiz 1 posted.

March 20
The term project handout has be posted (check on the assignments page). The project proposal is due next Friday (March 28).

March 26
Assignment 1 has been posted. It is due at class time on April 4.

April 2
Solution to quiz 3 posted. Exercise 1 is due at start of class on Friday (9.45 AM).

April 8
Solution to assignment 1 posted.

April 18
Solution to midterm exam posted on Quiz Solution page. There will be a quiz and lab on Monday. Please schedule a meeting with me regarding your project.

April 30
Assignment 2 has been posted. It is due at class time on May 7 (Wednesday).

May 5
Solutions for quiz 4 and 5 posted.

May 12
Solution for assignment 2 posted.

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