CS 391
Advanced Programming in Java


Course Outline

Instructor: Umair Javed
Quarter: Autumn 2004-2005
Units: 4
Category: Sophomore
Core/Elective: Elective
Prerequisite: Advanced Programming Techniques
Office: TBA
Email: umairj@lums.edu.pk
TA Ali Zaman

Sara Ahmad Khan

Course Description:

       Java is among the most widely used language for the programming of large scale software applications. Recently java is finding its way on small devices such as cell phones. The objective of this course is to give students a thorough and practical understanding of Java.

       Apart from teaching the general syntax, this course is geared towards enabling students to build large applications using pre-built libraries and object oriented programming concepts


A lot of good material is available online. You can buy any book you want, it will serve the purpose. However for the sake of completeness

 Textbook:        Java How to Program by H. M. Deitel & P. J. Deitel

Reference Books:       

         Java2: The Complete Reference by P. Naughton & H. Schildt

         Thinking in Java by B. Eckel

         Mastering Java2 by J. Zukowski

         Beginning Java2 by I. Horton

Lectures and Labs:

         2 lectures week of 100 minutes each

         Some sessions may be used for lab work

 Grading Scheme:

Quizzes + Labs:               20%

Assignments:                    25%

Midterm:                          25%

Final:                                 30%





  • Review, History and Introduction of Java
  • Syntax Conversion
  • Basic IO concepts.
  • Wrapper Classes.
  • Strings, String Buffer,
  • java.util package. (String Tokenizer , vector, Hash Maps etc )
  • Exception Handling
  • Abstract Class and Interfaces
  • Basic Graphical User Interface Components
  • Events and Event Handling
  • Inner Classes
  • Adapters 



Mid Term

  • Intro. to JDBC, Serialization , XML
  • Streams and Sockets
  • RMI
  • Graphics and Java 2D
  • Multithreading

 * I will try to cover topics quickly to save some time at the end for advance stuff.


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