Computer Sciences Projects @ LUMS

The Senior Project course (CS 405 - CS 406) at Lahore University of Management Science is taught as a two quarter sequence
for BSc Hons.  In these Final Year Projects,  student teams (BSc. Hons) complete a substantial  "real world" project provided by
sponsors drawn from both industry and research organizations. 

The MS Project course (CS 509) at Lahore University of Management Science are taught as a one quarter sequence for the 
Masters(Computer Sciences) programme.  In these Final Year Projects, individual students (MS) complete a project in their 
area of interest and research. 

These projects are developed under the Department of Computer Science with Dr. Shafay Shamail as project co-ordinator,
respective Faculty members and members of the sponsoring organization. Project proposals are solicited by the instructor 
each year when the classes begin the following fall. Proposals are very  brief descriptions of ideas for projects provided by
industry. Once classes begin, these proposals are given by the students, who then form teams, select projects and begin 
their development after the approval of the initial proposals. 

The PhD programme in the field of Computer Science is intended to provide an opportunity to LUMS graduates as well as
graduates from other indigenous institutes to pursue higher studies while living in Pakistan. The single most important objective 
of the PhDprogramme is to locally produce highly qualified teachers in the field of computer science and information technology.
Another important objective is to cater for the need of software and hardware scientists
The development process, lifecycle model, timelines and phases are given in the Course Outlines for both CS 405/406 
and CS 509.For reference to previously completed projects and current enrolled candidates is also provided under their 
respective categories.

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