CS/CMPE 431 - Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

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General Information

Instructor: Dr. Asim Karim
E-mail: a karim at lums.edu.pk (remove the space)
Office hours: MW 10.30AM to 12
Office: Room 132
Phone ext: 2132

Class coordinates: TR 8.45 AM to 10 in A-9.


A survey of selected advanced topics in AI. Emphasis on reasoning under uncertainty, machine learning, evolutionary computing, data mining, and natural language processing. For details, please see the course outline.



December 1
Lectures slides for first 2 lectures plus handouts for the term paper have been posted.
Please check this website frequently for updates.

December 9
Lecture slides have been posted.
Start thinking about the term paper. You have to select a topic by next Thursday. Before then, do talk to me about your choice and interests.

December 11
Quiz tomorrow: It will cover the first 2 chapters of AIMA book.
Lecture slides have been posted.
Don't forget: you are expected to read the relevant material before each class. Check the syllabus for readings details.

December 12
The resources page has been updated.
Reminder: you need to talk to me before Dec. 19 regarding selection of the term paper topic. There are points associated with it so don't take it lightly!

December 17
Reminder: your term paper topics are due by 10.15AM on Thursday. If you haven't discussed the topic with me, do so asap. E-mail me the selected topic and group members names by the deadline.

December 20
The cancelled lecture is rescheduled for tomorrow at 10 AM in A-1.

December 24
I have decided to have (some) unannounced quizzes as well. This will, hopefully, give you a motivation to attend class.
Assignment 1 has been posted. It requires creation and testing of a belief network using MSBNx. MSBNx is a Windows software available on 15 computers in lab 1.
The solution for quiz 2 has been posted. Pick up your quizzes from my office.

December 29
"A tutorial on learning with belief networks" posted.
Check out the SIGKDD's newsletter Explorations. The articles in this newsletter are good examples for your term paper. They should be a motivation for you. Write a decent term paper, and we will get it published in Explorations! (or a similar publication)

January 5
Quiz 3 solution posted.

January 7
Midterm exam is on Thursday (Jan. 9).
Assignment 1 is due by 5PM on Friday (Jan. 10).

January 17
Midterm exam solution posted. There will be a quiz on Tuesday. It will cover EC and GA.

January 18
Assignment 2 posted. It is due by 5PM on January 31.

January 24
Term paper draft is due (hard copy) by 5 PM on Monday. Submissions after 5 PM should be made to the COMMON drive. No submissions will be accepted after 12 noon on Tuesday.
Solution for quiz 4 and assignment 1 posted.

February 3
Crunch time! Assignment 2 is due 12 noon on Feb 4. Final term paper is due 12 noon on Feb 6.

February 16
Solutions for quizes 5 to 7 posted.

February 25
Final exams marks are now visible. The solution has been posted as well.

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