Thursday 23rd Sept 2004

You will be submitting the User requirements and the System requirements on Monday 27th September 2004. The time is 5 pm. We will let you know about the submission details later. Please go through the template named ‘Template for user and system requirements’  in the project section but remember that the title names that you will use in your document should be the same as used in the file named ‘SRS-template’. PLEASE if this is not clear come to us and remove any doubts. I don’t want you guys to loose marks unnecessarily. Good luck!!!


Friday 17th Sept 2004

Please check the Project link on the left and check if your group has been assigned a client and a meeting time and place. If there are any discrepancies please let us know by NOON Sunday 19th Sept 2004. The client meetings start from Monday 20th Sept 2004. Please check the time and location of your meeting with your client. People who did not submit their groups have been assigned groups randomly If you want any changes to be made to the groups Please let us know by Saturday 18th Sept 2004. After that no changes will be entertained.


Friday 10th Sept 2004

Your will submit the names of the members in your group indicating the team leader. Please also write the Roll# of the group members. This is to be done by 5 pm on Monday 13th Sept 2004