Software Engineering (CS-462) Spring Quarter


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Project Carries 25% of the total grade for this course. Marks break-up for different phases and their tentative dead-lines are given below.


Marks allocated Tentative Dead Line
Phase 1   : Two Page write-up + one cover page 5 % 27th March
Phase II  : Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) 35% 18th April 8:30 am
Phase III : Design Document 35% 1st May   9:30pm
Phase 1V : Testing Document 25% 12th  May 9:30pm


Instructions for Phase 1:

  • For this phase you will have to submit a 2 page write-up, describing the problem, which you will get from your client (your TA for this course).
  • The cover page should contain group members name and roll numbers, which once submitted wouldn't be allowed to change. 
  • You will be given half an hour timeslots for meeting with the client, during which problem will be explained. All group members must be present during the meeting.

Group Issues:

  • The group should contain 3 members.
  • Students facing problems in group formation should mail to the TA for help.
  • Every group member will have to work as group lead during any of the last three phases. The name of group lead should be clearly mentioned in the cover page of each report.


List of Groups

Problem Description

 A hospital requires all patients coming to the hospital to obtain appointments with the doctors they wish to consult. A schedule is prepared for each doctor, which indicates the time during the day on which he is available at a certain department. The time is divided into time slots, which are decided beforehand depending on the preference of the doctor. When a patient arrives, the check in time is noted. Normally, a number of questions are asked at this time. These questions are standardized against a department. When the patient leaves, his check out time is also noted.

 At present, the patient scheduling system is manual. Since the hospital has a large number of patients, doctors and departments, the system is time consuming and error prone. It is specially difficult to avoid conflicts and to cross reference information. The hospital would like a better system through which patient scheduling is easy to carry out. The system is targeted at being useful to the hospital administration and doctors, and should serve as a powerful tool

-         allowing operators to enter the information with ease avoiding conflicts and errors

-         allowing doctors/administrators to view the schedule information, obtain reports and summaries thus resulting in better health care


Deliverables for Testing Phase

For this phase identify five main input functions of the system and carry out white
box as well as black box tests for these functions.

- For WHITE BOX testing, do the following:
1) Write the PDL for each function.
2) Draw the flow graph and find the cyclomatic complexity. Identify the basis paths.
3) Derive the test cases and list the test cases and expected outputs.

For BLACK BOX testing, do the following:

1) Clearly identify the inputs of each function and the constraints on each input.
2) Identify the equivalence classes and perform boundary value analysis to arrive at the test cases.
3) List the test cases and expected outputs.



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