CS 531/CMPE 531 - Artificial Intelligence

CS 331/CMPE 334 - Intro to Artificial Intelligence

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General Information

Instructor: Dr. Asim Karim
E-mail: akarim at lums
Office hours: 10.30 - 12.30  MW
Office: 429
Phone ext: 4429

Class coordinates: TR 10.15 - 11.30 and F 10.15 to 11.05 in A-1

TA: Muhammad Fahimullah (mfullah@lums)
TA office hours: 10.00 to 11.10 TR


This course covers the foundations of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent systems. It is designed as a first course that provides grounding in knowledge representation, reasoning, search, machine learning, and intelligent system design. Students will learn the concepts and their applications in lectures and labs/assignments. They will also be introduced to AI languages such as Lisp and Prolog. Graduate students will be given additional reading material and assignment questions.

Course Outline and Syllabus



September 1
Welcome to the course. Regularly check this page for announcements and updates. Check the resource page for web links on AI and related areas.

September 3
Assignment 1 has been posted on the assignments page. It is due on September 11.

September 9
Details of the course project have been posted on the project/assignment page.

September 14
Assignment 2 has been posted. It is due on Sep. 25.

September 28
Solution to quiz 3 posted.
Lecture notes posted on handouts page.

October 10
Assignment 3 has been posted. It is due at class time on October 23.

October 17
Midterm exam solution posted on solutions page.

October 23
Solution to quiz 4 posted.

October 28
Assignment 4 posted. It is due on Nov. 8.
The final report of your project is also due on Nov. 8.
Solution to quiz 5 posted.

November 1
Final exam solution posted on solutions page. 


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