Topics in Video Computing
Summer 2002-03

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Dr. Nadeem A. Khan
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Office: Room 215

Dr. Sohaib A Khan
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Meeting Times: MW 1400-1450 in A1

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: For each lecture, students are required to read the assigned paper before the lecture and submit a one-page document related to the assigned paper. It should contain two parts: a summary of your understanding of the paper, and your observations about the paper. Observations can include difficult points in the paper, interesting ideas or future extensions. This summary is due at the beginning of the lecture.

Date Required Reading Additional Information Post Lecture Followup
June 2
Chris Stauffer, W.E.L. Grimson
Adaptive Background Mixture Models for Real-Time Tracking
Proceedings of IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Fort Collins, CO, pp. 246-252, June 1999 [PDF]
Have a look at VSAM project page at MIT AI Lab. There are several interesting background subtraction examples on this page, in the form of java applets. Another associated publication is available here. Subtraction using gradient information was mentioned in class. That paper is available here. The Eigen-Background approach mentioned in class does not assume pixel-wise independence, and is described in this paper. Finally, if you are interested, another background subtraction method is available here. This still assumes pixel-wise independence, but uses a different strategy to medel the background. Also contains an interesting discussion on problems/issues in background subtraction.
June 4
John Y. A. Wang and Edward H. Adelson
Representing Moving Images with Layers
IEEE Trans. on Image Processing Special Issue: Image Sequence Compression, Vol. 3, No. 5, pp. 625-638, Sept. 1994 [citeseer link]
Have a look at demo page by John Wang to understand the goal of the paper  
June 9
Michal Irani, P. Anandan
Video Indexing Based on Mosaic Representations
Proceedings of IEEE, Vol. 86, No. 5, May 1998, pp. 905-921 [citeseer link]
Another closely related paper is "Efficient Representations of Video Sequences and their Applications" by Michal Irani, P. Anandan, Jim Bergen, Rakesh Kumar and Steve Hsu in Signal Processing : Image Communication, (8):327--351, 1996

Another paper which was mentioned in class is by Caspi and Irani: Alignment of non-overlapping sequences

There are also a lot of related publications and results on Michal Irani's homepage


June 11
No Class Today    
June 16
Heung-Yeung Shum, Li-Wei He
Rendering with Concentric Mosaics
Proc. of SIGGRAPH Aug 1999 pp 299-306
Have a look at this demo-page by Li-Wei He Ikeuchi's paper mentioned in class is available here
June 18
M. Budagavi, W. R. Heinzelman, J. Webb and R. Talluri
Wireless MPEG-4 Video Communication on DSP Chips
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Jan. 2000, vol. 17, issue 1, pp. 36-53
An introductory chapter on video compression has also been placed at Nashautec photocopy machine along with the hardcopy of the article to read.  
June 20
Michael J. Smolenski
Method and apparatus for inverse 3:2 pulldown detection using motion estimation information
United States Patent #6,058,140, May 2000 [Link]
A short introduction on interlaced (and progressive) video has been placed at Natshautec photocopy machine along with the hardcopy of the patent to read.

To access full page patent images (text and drawings) in the online USPTO patent database you need to install a browser (tiff) plug-in that can also be downloaded from the same website (www.uspto.gov).
June 23
Paul E. Debevec, Camillo J. Taylor, Jitendra Malik,
Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs: A hybrid geometry- and image-based approach
SIGGRAPH 96, August 1996

Related webpage: http://www.debevec.org/Research/

Examples of the approach on Taj Mahal and Arc de Triomphe. Full gallery of reconstructed models

Check out other interesting stuff at www.debevec.org

Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) webpage, by Charles Benton, Professor of Architecture at UCB
June 25
Wactlar, H., Kanade, T., Smith, M., and Stevens, S., "Intelligent Access to Digital Video: The Informedia Project", IEEE Computer, 29(5), May 1996, Digital Library Initiative Special Issue

Webpage of Informedia Project

Also look at Video Skimming paper and associated webpage

June 30
D. Comaniciu, V. Ramesh, P. Meer, "Kernel Based Object Tracking", IEEE Trans. on PAMI, Vol 25, No. 5, 2003

Dorin's webpage has interesting information.

Also check out this followup work

July 2
D. Chai, K. N. Ngan, "Face segmentation using skin color map in videophone applications", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, vol. 9, no. 4, pp. 551-564, Jun. 1999