CS/CMPE 631 - Research Trends in AI

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General Information

Instructor: Dr. M. M. Awais and Dr. Asim Karim
E-mail: awais and akarim at lums.edu.pk
Office hours: TBA
Office: 224 and 132
Phone ext: 2224 and 2132

Class coordinates: Fridays 4.30-5.20 PM in A-5

TA: Sheikh Faisal Rasheed.


In recent years, new concepts, techniques, and application areas have emerged in the broad discipline of AI. This seminar course will provide a forum for the discussion of research trends and problems in three key areas of AI: data mining, robotics, and knowledge representation. A discussion-oriented format will be followed in the course (as opposed to a presentation-oriented format). Students are expected to lead a discussion on the topic of one or more articles. Others are expected to contributed to the discussion. The goal is to increase comprehension of the topic, to identify research problems, and to evaluate possible solutions. Students will be evaluated on the quality of their discussion, participation, and written thought-report for each discussion. For details, please see the course outline.


March 3
Check out the resources and handout pages for links to papers available online.

Home | Handouts | Resources | Presentation Topics | Presentation Schedule