CS661 - Research Trends in Software Engineering

Spring 2007-08


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Course Introduction

This course is aimed to explore potential research areas in the field of software engineering. The course will include survey of current research, identification of research problems, conducting research on any of the identified problems and finally publishing at least a position paper in a well-reputed workshop / conference. It will provide students a reasonable breadth of various hot research topics in software engineering and depth in one of their selected areas.

The course demands significant efforts to be put in by students. Some of the expectations from the students enrolled in this course are:

  • Students will have to read and comprehend one or two compulsory research papers designated for every session before coming to every class, and they will be discussing them from various view points as suggested by instructors. Their active participation will be evaluated at the end of every session and will contribute significantly in grades.

  • Besides these compulsory readings, students will need to go through reference material as well (papers, books, online articles, software demos etc).

  • All the class discussions will be meant for promoting the breadth knowledge of various hot research topics of SE.

  • Every student will have to select his/her depth area after consultation and approval of the instructors within first 3 weeks and will have to come up with a research proposal identifying a potential research problem. This phase demands a lot of self-study which surveys various research material to come up with the proposal. Continuous consultation with instructors at this stage may help the student to select an appropriate area as well as research problem.

  • In order to move towards solution of the identified problem, every student will need to conduct a depth survey of the related literature. This phase is crucial to move towards the solution of your problem. In this phase, student will be critically analyzing the existing techniques/algorithms/solutions and will build up the case for his/her own problem. Identifying the relevant literature is also crucial. Seek guidance from instructors as well as course website to search the relevant material. Survey is supposed to be completed by the end of sixth week of the quarter. Every student will be evaluated at the end of this phase through pre-defined deliverables and viva/presentation. By the end of this phase, every student must have at least one targeted conference or workshop for paper submission and its deadlines must be kept in mind.

  • Last phase will comprise of the solution idea and implementation of the idea. This phase will also focus on writing the research paper. Finally the paper will be submitted in one of the identified conferences/workshops. Evaluation of this phase may be based on the feedback of conference program committee as well.

  • Above points outline the workload expected in the selected depth area which will be solely individual effort. Besides this, regular workload of the breadth areas will need to be handled. Contributions in the breadth areas will be evaluated through class participation and final exam, and contributions in the depth area will be evaluated through a series of presentations/viva and the final research paper.

  • Regular reading schedule will be posted lecture-wise in the Reading List section of the website.

  • Detailed guidelines will be communicated with the passage of time and will be posted in the Announcements section of the website. So, keep on checking that section on frequent basis.