CS661 - Research Trends in Software Engineering

Spring 2007-08


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Reading List Reference Material

Module 1 and 2: Introduction

[Session 1] How to read a CS research paper

[Session 1] How to write a good SE paper

[Session 2] A systematic review of theory use in software engineering experiments

[Session 3] No reading assigned

[Session 4] No reading assigned

Module 3: Software Process Improvement

[Session 5] An Empirical Investigation of the Key Factors for Success in Software Process Improvement

[Session 5] Software processes and business processes [Best Summary]

[Session 6] A Six Sigma Framework for Software Process Improvements and its Implementation [Best Summary]

[Session 6] Research Directions in SPI

Module 4: Software Quality Prediction

[Session 7] Empirical Assessment of Machine Learning based Software Defect Prediction Techniques

[Session 8] A Critique of Software Defect Prediction Models

Module 5: Survey Presentations

[Session 13] Group #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (Extended Session)

Module 6: Autonomic Computing

[Session 9] The vision of autonomic computing

[Session 10] Autonomic computing: emerging trends and open problems

[Session 10] Statistical Monitoring + Predictable Recovery = Self-*

[Session 11] Self-managed systems: a control theory perspective

[Session 12] Class cancelled (24th April)

[Session 14] To be rescheduled (1st May)

[Session 15] A component based programming framework for autonomic applications


Module 7: Soft Computing and its Applications in SE

[Session 16] Retrieval, reuse, revision, and retention in case-based reasoning

[Session 17] An empirical study of predicting software faults with case-based reasoning

[Session 18] Achieving self-healing in service delivery software systems by means of case-based reasoning

[Session 18] Synthesis of All: Where to go now!

Module 8: Term Paper Presentations

[Session 19] TBA

[Session 20] TBA

Final Exam