Dr. Jahangir Ikram
Department of Electrical Engineering

School of Science and Engineering
Lahore Univeresty of Management and Sciences (LUMS)
DHA, Lahore Cant Pakistan
Tel: 051-90852165
Email: jikram at lums.edu.pk
Web: http://suraj.lums.edu.pk/~jikram/

Computer Security Networks and Distributed Systems.

PhD - Electrical Engineering, University of Manchester, U.K
    Thesis Topic: An Investigation into a Low Power Implementation of an Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) Algorithm
MSc - Electrical Engineering, University of Manchester, U.K
    Thesis Topic: An Integrated Circuit Private Branch Exchange
BE - Electrical Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore

Research Experience

Volunteer Based Internet Environment Watch-2
July 2008 - Sep. 2010

In the second phase of this project, Punjab Environment Protection Agency provided and total funding of Rs. 3.6 million.
Services Rendered: Principal Investigator
    A total of 4 Student RAs won Microsoft’s Imagine Cup at Pakistan level and participated in International Competition in Paris, France on Microsoft funding.
    Journal Paper published
    Work in progress on further papers

A Configurable MIPS Simulator

This is a teaching tool that I am developing on my own based on my experience in teaching computer architecture in past few years. The Simulator is fully configurable and can be used for lab experimentation on working of RISC Integer Pipeline.
Services Rendered: Sole Developer
    Paper accepted at IASTED International Conference on Advancd Technology in Education
    Invited speaker at Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan, December 2005

Consultant, Advance Computer Architecture, Mentor Graphics, Embedded Division, Lahore
Services Rendered: Consultant
    A repeated Lecture series on Modern Computer Architecture. Software Optimization of Run-Time Libraries (RTLs) and Linux Device Drivers and RTOS

Efficient and Cost Effective Approach to Control and Monitoring Area Network (CMAN)

A student project that was accepted for publication in IEEE ICM’04 (International Conference on Microelectronics) held at Tunisia, Tunis in October 2004. This project won first prize in the International Students Electronics Design Competition. The research focused on an efficient and cost effective solution for controlling and monitoring domestic and industrial electrical devices. The solution worked on a standard Local Area Networks using a specially designed hardware interfaced with an Embedded Ethernet System.
Services Rendered: Project Advisor
    Students published a paper in IEEE International Conference on Micro-Electronics, Tunis, 2005, Also won First Prize in International Design Competition in the same conference.

Volunteer Based Internet Environment Watch-1
September 2004 - Dec. 2005

PTCL R&D Fund provided Approx. 0.85 million rupees for this thematic research project. Last year, I applied for a grant from the Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) - as part of their Thematic Research Grants Program. VIEW is an environmental telemetric system and falls into the category of applied computer research and looks to establish a urban pollution monitoring system using the PCs of volunteers.
Services Rendered: Principal Investigator
    One Local Conference Publication (ICICT, 2005, Karachi Pakistan).
    Invited Speaker (ICEG, 2005, LUMS, Lahore)
    Finalist: International Stockholm Challenge 2006 in the Environment Category.

Visiting Scholar: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
December 2002 - June 2003

As part of LUMS faculty development program, I visited Multimedia Labs at Department of electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Illinois at Chicago. The object of this visit was to develop a research relationship for future collaboration to enhance LUMS newly started PhD program. The visit was sponsored by LUMS and UIC.
    One International Journal Publication

VirtuaLUMS: An On-Line Education Project

Design and Development of a first ever on-line course at LUMS. Major issues regarding the development of a model for Distance Education and Lecture Video and on-line content design were addressed in collaboration with the Virtual University.
    One paper published in an International Conference. Successful run of course at LUMS.

Technical Education Project
Sep. 1999 - December 2000

(i) Designed a 3-year new diploma course in computer/information technology now being offered in Government Colleges of technologies all over Pakistan. Work included
(ii) development of associated TLR, i.e., course syllabi, teaching guide, workshop manuals, student workbooks, etc
(iii) specifying, with the help of representatives from industry, the contents of this technology using DACUM (Design a Curriculum) process
(iv) listing of technical books and AV material
(v) finalizing list of equipment and costing for procurement.
Services Rendered: Consultant Computer/Information Technology
    Syllabus approved by the Pakistan Board of Technical Education and is currently taught in all Technical Colleges in Pakistan in Computer Information Technology Department.

Modeling of Electronic Devices for Computer Simulation
April 1999 - Dec.1999

A project for an American based company in collaboration with Descon Engineering Services and lnfodesk.
Services Rendered: Working solely

Feasibility Report for an Institute of Information Technology
Nov.1998 - Feb.1999

A project for a Lahore based institute to prepare a complete feasibility report for an Institute of Information Technology including curricula design for B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs, charter, etc.
Services Rendered: I was responsible for curricula design

A Real Time Implementation of Low Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction Speech Coder On a Trimedia Processor with VLIW architecture
Aug.1997 - Dec.1997

A collaboration of Department Electrical Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan And Philips Semiconductors, Sunnyvale, California, USA. A sum of $30,000 was received for successful completion of the project, half of which was donated to the department, and a Digital Signal Processing Laboratory was setup in the department at UET. It was first ever lab ever built with income from a funded project.
Services Rendered: Team Lead

1+8 Line Concentrator
Sep.1985 - Sep.1986

The project involved development of a microprocessor-based system, which was linked up with the main exchange. Another microprocessor-based system was installed in remote villages. Both these systems were linked together through single VHF linked and programmed to make 1+8-line concentrator.
Services Rendered: Team Lead

Three-D rendering of Objects: A project for Advanced Engineering Research Organization (AERO).
June1997 - Aug.1997

This was a software project written in 32-bit Fortran, the software was capable of defining complex three - dimensional objects and performing Synthesis and Analysis using Finite Element Method (FEM) techniques.
Services Rendered: Team Lead

1989 - 1992

Second generation cordless telephones (CT2) use digital signals for speech transmission. An Adaptive Differential PCM (ADPCM) algorithm specified by CCITT is used to reduce the otherwise high bandwidth requirement of a standard PCM channel. To use this algorithm in Cordless phones required this algorithm to be implemented with very low power. The work investigated different hardware designs that can be used to implement any speech algorithm and suggested a method for a low power design.

1986 - 1989

An Investigation of telephone switching and the design of an integrated circuit Private Automatic Exchange (PAX). The design cycle included specification generation, partitioning and simulation using the simulation language ELLA. The system is based on one integrated circuit per subscriber. Any number of Integrated Circuits can be connected together to form a PAX for that many subscribers.

Journal Papers

1. M.J.Ikram, ‘A Configurable MIPS Simulator for Teaching Computer Architecture’, Proc. 10th IASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE), PP 91-95, Oct, 2007, ISBN:978-0-88986-599-7

2. M.J.Ikram, A.A. Akram, ‘Air pollution monitoring through an Internet-based network of volunteers’, J. of Environment & Urbanization, Vol 19(1), pp 225-241, April, 2007, SAGE Publications. ISSN 0956-2478

3. Invited Speaker, ‘A configurable MIPS processor’, 3rd Conference on Frontiers of Information Technology, December 2005, Islamabad, Pakistan.

4. M. J. Ikram, A.A. Akram, M. Amin, ‘A Low-Cost Solution for Urban Air-Pollution Monitoring Using Existing Infrastructure and Loosely Connected Ground Based Sensing Equipment’, Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies, IBA, Karachi, August 2005, pp166-169. ISBN:0-7803-9421-6

5. Invited Speaker, ‘Internet-based Environment Watch”, 3rd International Conference on E-Governance, December 2005, Lahore, Pakistan.

6. Ji Wang, M.J. Ikram, and Ashfaq Khokhar, ‘Efficient Transmission of MPEG-2 Video Bit Streams over HIPERLAN/2’, Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, John-Wiley, Vol. 5, No.2, pp153-164, March 2005, ISSN: 15308669

7. Saima Sherazi, M. J, Ikram, “A Hybrid Distance Education Model for Pakistan”, International Conference on Engineering Education, UMIST, UK, 18-22 August, 2002.

8. M.J. IKRAM, "Estimation of Power Consumption in Complex CMOS Integrated Circuits." J. of IEEE Pakistan, VOL. XXVII, Jan-Sep, 1994

9. M.J. lkram, "A Low Power Implementation of an ADPCM Algorithm", J. of IEEE Pakistan, Vol. XXIV, December, 1996, pp5-20.

10. Z. A. Khan, N. M. Sheikh, M. J. lkram, M. Z. Nazir, M. Usman, "A Real Time Implementation of Low Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction Speech Coder,” Presented at INMIC, LUMS, Lahore, December, 1998.

Taught Following Cources at UET and LUMS Lahore

i)    Electronics
ii)   Analog Computers Electrical Measurements and Instruments
iii)   Digital Logic Design
iv)   Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
v)    Computer ArchitectureMicroprocessor Interfacing
vi)   Computer System Application: Design and Development
vii)   Data Structures and AlgorithmsCircuits and Systems -1 & 2
viii)  Advanced Switching Theory
ix)   Advance Topics in Multimedia Systems Embedded Systems

Teaching Excellence Award, 2005-6, Computer Science Department, LUMS
Winner, Faculty On-Line, LUMS 2008
Runner Up, Faculty On-Line, LUMS 2007
Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies UK, 1986
Winner All-Pakistan Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2008
First prize in International Student Design Competition, IEEE International Conference on Microelectronics, December 2004, Tunis, Morocco
Undergraduate students win top two position in IEEE all Pakistan Hardware Competition at Fast University in IEEE WEEK
One Undergraduate project reached the finals in the very coveted Stockholm Challenge, 2006

Consultant (In Progress), Computer Architecture, Mentor Graphics Pakistan.
Volunteer Internet Environment Watch
   Phase 1: PTCL R&D Fund. Amount Rs:0.8 Million, 2006
   Phase 2: Punjab Env. Prot. Depart. Amount Rs:3.6Million, 2008

Philips Semiconductors, Sunnyvale, California, USA. Amount $30,000, 1998.